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DUATS Information

First Things First, Accessing DUATS for the First Time

Welcome to DUATS on the web. This document will show you everything you need to know to get the best experience using DUATS.  Remember if you have any questions you can always contact our customer service department at 1‐800‐345‐3828, option #3 or 4. DUATS is operated by CSRA under contract by the FAA to provide weather briefings, flight plan filing, and flight planning software.  This help document will walk you through the online use of each of these features.   The guide will be divided up into the same sections that you can find on the website and in the same order.  The Main Menu section of this guide will give you a brief overview of each option you will see. At the end of each section there will be a “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) to provide you with some of our most common questions.   You may Access DUATS via SSL 256‐bit encryption by click on the “DUATS via SSL” link or by directing your browser to https://www.duats.com.  The security of the website is verified by Net Solution.  This is equivalent to the security used by many banking web sites.


Q. Is DUATS Free?
A. YES! We are supported under contract by the FAA.

Q. Is this website the only way to access DUATs?
A. We have telnet access available at direct.duats.com www.duats.com/classic/cirrus.shtml.  We also have a mobile site, which is accessible at www.duats.com/mobile. There is also an iOS App available for the iPad and iPhone for FREE download at the Apple App Store, it is available for iPads with iOS 8.0 or later.

Q. Is the weather on DUATS official?
A. Yes.  All the weather on DUATS is approved by the FAA and can be used for preflight planning.

Creating an Account DUATS on the web is located at http://www.DUATS.com and can be accessed using your favorite internet browser such as internet explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome.  Once on the web site creating an account is easy.

newuserHere is a brief explanation of some of the fields that you must complete.

Security Information DUATS Password – Here is where you will choose the password to log into DUATS with.  The requirements for the password are between 6 and 8 characters in lengths.

Only alpha‐numeric passwords are accepted. Remember DUATS passwords are not case sensitive.

Security Word – Here you can enter a security word that our customer service representatives can use to help verify your identity when you call. While this word can be anything we do recommend something that is common to you and easy to remember.

Personal Access Code – Think of this field as your user name.  DUATS will produce a randomly generated access code for you to log in with but that number can be difficult to remember.  This field allows you to use a number that is more common to you. It is required to be between 9 and 10 digits. We recommend a 10 digit telephone number with area code.

Pilot Address – Please fill out your address with your current address.  It does not have to be the one on your certificate.  This address will be used to auto fill some of the information boxes you will use later. You will be given both a regular access code and your personal access code.  Remember you can use BOTH to log into DUATS with. Write them down and keep them in a safe place. Protect your account; do not share your Access Code or Password with others.

Q. Why can I not use letters in my personal access code?
A. Our system is designed only to store numbers in the Access Code Data Field.  This is a design of the system and would take too long to change and would affect our currently registered users.  We recommend using a landline or cell to make it easier to remember.

Q. I am an aviation enthusiast but not a pilot; can I still create an account?
A. Yes, when creating an account just select no certificate option when creating a new account.

Q. I have registered before but not logged on for many years. Does DUATS still have my account?
A. DUATS will never delete your account.  If you have forgotten your access code/password please see the select the “Retrieve Access Code” or “Reset Password” link from the home page.

Recovering a Lost Access Code and Password DUATS has an automated Access Code and Password recover system.  All you will need is your pilot certificate number that you registered with. Recovering Your Access Code Click on “Retrieve Access Code” Enter your last name and Pilot certificate number. If that is how you initial logged into the DUATS system. You will receive both your DUATS generated Access Code and your Personal Access Code. Remember your Access Codes are not your password.

Click on “Reset Password”. Enter your Last Name and your Pilots Certificate number.  You must enter your new password twice to confirm you entered it correctly. Your password must be between 6 and 8 characters, including at least one letter and one number.  If completed correctly, a confirmation box will show that the password was accepted and changed. If you have any trouble with either your Access Code or Password, remember you can all ways call our service desk at 1‐800‐345‐3828.

Access Code and Password Recovery

Q. My certificate number has changed, how do I recover my access code?
A. Please contact customer support at 1‐800‐345‐3828 and we will update your account information.

Q. My old password was more than 8 characters, why can’t I use my old password.
A. We recently changed that maximum number of characters available for a password due to server requirements.  If you still have your password that is longer than 8 you will still be able to log into DUATS with it.  All new passwords will have the new length requirements.

Q. How do I create/change my Personal Access Code?
A. The main menu bar along the top of your homepage has a “My Account” dropdown menu.  In this dropdown menu, click on “Personal Profile.”  Here you can change all of your personal information including your Personal Access Code.

Q. How long does DUATS keep my account for?
A. DUATs will never delete your account.  You should be able to use the Access Code Recovery to find your access code.

afterloginHomepage – When you complete your login, you will be redirected to your DUATS homepage.  This page allows you to view weather graphics, your home airport, and your default aircraft.  From here, you also have full access to our features and services.