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aircraftBefore we get started we need to tell you who we are. Over the years DUATS has had many hats, GTE, DynCorp, CSC and now CSRA. Throughout DUATS has been run by the same people who started the program way back in 1989. There have been changes but these have come in the form of better products and features to assist the pilots in flight planning.

Why are do we have a title of CSRA. A year ago CSC split into two companies with the official title of the company where DUATS resides is – CSC Government Solutions LLC (CSGOV) a CSRA Company.

Our new logo is logo. What does this all mean – not much- just that the DUATS thousands of pilots have been using for the past 26 years been run by several different companies however, the personell running the program have not changed. We have always been here to help and provide the best product possible. We listen – ask any pilot who has ever made a request to improve the service – we have complied and will continue to do into the the future.

The current DUATS team has partnered with the FAA for 26 years to offer DUATS as a free service to pilots nationwide. By providing current FAA weather and navigation data, DUATS ensures that pilots can safely plan and fly flights in the National Air Space. The service is easy to use and very easy to access. Over 550,000 pilots agree that DUATS is the number one preflight- planning tool available.


  • Flight path–tailored weather briefings
  • Plain-language translations
  • Automated flight planner
  • Help desk
  • Flight plan filing
  • Event reconstruction
  • Improves flight safety: Gives pilots the most accurate information available for flight plan Files more flight plans and provides more weather briefing than all other flight planning services in the U.S.
  • DUATS Mobile on iPhone, Android and other web-based, hand-held devices


nexradDUATS provides weather and NOTAMs to pilots and dispatchers, and files flight plans with the FAA. The aeronautical database maintained and stored in the DUATS server is used for the validation of Flight Plans and the distribution of weather and NOTAMs within a specified weather corridor.The aeronautical data files are provided from the National Flight Data Center  (NFDC). The data is updated every 28 day and supplemental information is entered into the server daily this is to ensure that current weather and navigational information is distributed correctly.

Weather and NOTAMs are received automatically from the FAA’s Weather Message Switching Center Replacement (WMSCR) system in Atlanta, GA. The data is distributed using the FAA’s National Airspace Data Interchange Network (NADIN) with connections in Atlanta and Salt Lake City, UT.

logingraphicThere are several new feature in DUATS II that everyone needs to be aware of:

  1. The FAA no longer requires registration with a current pilot certificate and medical.  All that is required ot register under the new contract is to enter you name – a certificate number is you have one or just request continue.  At this point a personal information form will be presented. Fill the form out and registration is complete.  Note that pilot status is not required.
  2. The FAA now requires all weather graphics provided by NWS to be distributed by the vendor. This may cause some issues in the beginning, but DUATS is willing to work with the pilot community to supplement some of these NWS graphics as the program moves forward
  3. New to the service is a schedule weather briefing that can be requested for future delivery by SMS or e-mail
  4. New to the service is a delta brief update. Obtain a briefing and request updates of any new weather types originally requested to forwarded by SMS  or e-mail up until departure time.  Included in the updates are NOTAMS
  5. New to the service is to make a request for reminder to close a VFR flight plan and close the VFR flight plan if requested


Flight Plan Filing – Flight plans submitted to DUATS are validated and filed directly with the proper FAA facility.  Flight plans can be filed from 30 minutes to 24 hours before departure.

Administrative Services – Access to the DUATS Help desk is available 24×7. Phone (1-800-345-3828) or email (duats@duatsmail.com).

Weather Graphics – DUATS provides 180 weather graphic weather products covering the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. Among the most used products are national and regional NEXRAD products, which are updated every 6 to 10 minutes. The regional NEXRAD products provide weather animation showing movement over the previous 70 minutes.

Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR).– These NOTAMs are displayed graphically on aeronautical charts. Along with the  ability to display a proposed route of flight. Graphic and full text of the NOTAM is displayed directly on the chart.