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Area Forecast Changes

On or about October 10th, the FAA will discontinue the text area forecast weather products. These have been replaced by graphical area forecast charts. As part of the the weather briefing request, the graphical area forecast charts will be accessible under the “Area Forecast” tab on the briefing results page. More information about area forecast changes […]

October 10, 2017, Weather
Airway Crossing Routing Changes

Beginning with the data effective August 17, 2017 routing between airways with out a named fix or navaid will no longer be allowed. Up until this point the FAA has provided unnamed points that allowed for routing between airways with out a named fix or navaid at the crossing point. This is no longer accepted. […]

August 16, 2017, General Weather
FAA replaces alphanumeric area forecast (FA) with graphical area forecast

The FAA is replacing the alphanumeric Area Forecasts with  Graphical area forecasts. The Graphical  area forecasts consist of two different graphics – one covering forecasted clouds and one covering surface conditions. The alphanumeric area forecast (FA) will continue to be provided for several months while the flying community familiarizes itself with the new graphic products. […]

August 1, 2017, Weather
DUATS Exhibits at Airventure 2017

CSRA DUATS will again be doing forums at AirVenture OSHKOSH. Make sure to add to your schedule. Here are the important dates, locations and times. Monday, July 24, 2017, Forum Stage #5 at 4:00 PM – 5:15 PM. Thursday, July 27, 2017, Forum Stage #3 at 4:00 PM – 5:15 PM and again on Saturday, […]

Update for iOS Mobile App Released

Version 1.5.0 has been released for iOS devices. This release primarily addresses stability issues in the app. You can find the update in the Apple Store.

April 10, 2017, iOS
ICAO Filing Requirement Delayed to June

The FAA ICAO requirement has been delayed to early June 2017 pending additional testing with all the parties involved with this transition. We will provide additional updates as they are made available.

March 31, 2017, General
Four Airports to Get Additional TAF Hours

Effective June 13, 2017, 1800 GMT, the validity period for Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF ) will extend from 24 hours to 30 hours for Sun Valley, ID (KSUN), and Bozeman MT (KBZN). Effective June 29, 2017, at 1800 GMT, TAFs will extend from 24 hours to 30 hours for Las Vegas, NV (KLAS), and Phoenix, […]

We Have Moved

DUATS Operations has moved from Chantilly Virginia to Falls Church Virginia. Your DUATS service will continue to operate as it always has and you can continue to reach our web site through www.duats.com and phone support at 1-800-345-3828. Our new address is: 3170 Fairview Park Dr. Falls Church, Virginia 22042.

February 21, 2017, General
ICAO Filing Requirements

The FAA ICAO requirement for filing of flight plans will go into effect on March 28th, 2017. As always DUATS will be here for all your flight planning, weather and flight plan filing needs and will make this transition to ICAO is as simple as possible – you will not need to refer to a user guide when […]

February 21, 2017, General